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FM 43 Eau De Parfum for Him
FM 43 Eau De Parfum for Him
FM 43 Eau De Parfum for Him
FM 43 Eau De Parfum for Him

The Federico Mahora

FM 43 Eau De Parfum for Him



A memorable spicy and energising fragrance, cooling during the hot summer days

 Fragrance notes:

Head notes: tangerine, kumquat, pink pepper
Heart notes: coriander, freesia, cardamom
Base notes: leather notes, the Jacaranda tree

Available in 30ml and 50ml size.

Pure Collection contains 20% perfume concentration

Intense Collection is a more intensive version of Pure. It contains 30% perfume concentration

Pheromone Collection has 20% perfume concentration with the addition of pheromones!

Pheromones, although odourless, when added to perfumes, they intensify their strength and have an undeniable influence on those around you. Use them when you go on a date or want to make an impression. Thanks to them you will never go unnoticed!

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