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Enchanted Forest Wax Melt Snap Bar

Golden Ribbon

Enchanted Forest Wax Melt Snap Bar


Handmade Natural
Wax Melts
90g bar

Wax Melts by Golden Ribbon

Enchanted Forest

Top notes of bergamot, wildflowers, black currant and lemon.
Heart notes: of balsam, cashmere wodos and tonka.
Base notes of pine, oakmoss and fire needles.
Natural Wax Melts presented in this listing are 100% handmade from natural wax blends manufactured in the UK.
This particular blend is carefully selected to give you the most potent heat throw from your wax melts.
You will receive a 90g bar of our highly scented wax, which you will be able to divide into 24 smaller pieces simply by snapping it like a chocolate bar.
You can add as many or as little to your wax burner/melter as you wish, depending on the size of the chosen vessel and the desired intensity of the fragrance.
Each row of 4 squares will give you around 20 hours of burning time, so you will enjoy up to 120 hours of delicious fragrance from a whole wax bar!!!!
A simple way to clean your wax burner:
After the wax has cooled and hardened in your burner dish, put 3-4 ice cubes on top of your wax and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that time wax should easily separate from the dish. For more stubborn ones, a little nudge with a butter knife should do the job.
We care for animals and the environment so our melts and components used for production are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly.
The end product is packed into recycled paper bags to reduce the usage of plastic.
We recommend storing your wax melts in the airtight container like a glass jar with a lid away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

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